Creeping Chemical Cat

This curious Grey Crack Panther wonders onto the shaded Grounds, likely looking for shiny things it can pawn. Fortunately it’s spooked by the scary camera and scampers off!

Rare Sighting of a Bot Herder and Her Young Charge

A nomadic Oriental Range Pygmy trails its prized yellow Snack Drone through the sun-dappled canyons of Hollywood. Soon the young beast will make the journey all alone!

Tinkling Tramp Leaves Her Mark on the Wild Hedgerows of Southern Hollywood

This mature Painted Street Skank awkwardly climbs through a gap in the hedge, over a chain and squats next to the No Trespassing sign, marking her territory on my territory.

Shiny Silver Shitbug

This common Rolling Street Roach must have noticed that the Compound’s stately perimeter was getting low on plastics, glass and befouled paper products, because it slithers in and selflessly spews its own personal Slop all over our unworthy grounds, helping nourish the Circle of Filth!

Miniature Striped Dribbler

In the Fall, if the weather’s right in the Hollywood Badlands, you might catch a glimpse of a plump migratory Bumble Bean looking for a concrete corner to desecrate after its long journey!

She Subdues A Mighty Blue Beast in the Desolate Stucco Canyon

A young and timid female Valley Lemming coaxes her uncooperative blue steed homeward, attempting to corral it in such a small stall! With a bit of a fight she is able to subdue the metal beast with hardly any damage to the Kingdom’s sprinklers!

Gaudy Grabber Gawks and Grouses

This inconspicuous Red Legged Housebreaker has deftly dodged the first layer of Perimeter Security and is probing the Fortress for any way in. It retreats, then reappears out front, where it longingly gazes from the gate at the coveted riches that lie just out of reach!

Friendly Frat Ape Foists His Filth

This juvenile Orangutard cleans out his ramshackle mobile nest and selflessly donates his best leftovers in a crate, laid at the foot of the Kingdom’s ramparts. This thoughtful offering was returned (with regrets) to the entrance of the young simian’s first-floor group-hovel.

Pale Predator Peeps

This pin-headed Southern Street Yeti utilizes every ounce of his cunning to overcome a formidable chain barrier, gaining access to the Lush Palace Gardens. He then lasciviously leers into a window – likely looking for an unsuspecting mate or riches to plunder – before slinking off empty-handed.

Gucci Gutter Rat Grimes Up the Grounds

An oafish Street Beast – masquerading in a bedazzled exoskeleton – thoughtfully donates some much needed urine to the compound’s Western wall. Then, as an unexpected bonus, he decorates the street with the remains of his mid-day feast. Many thanks!

Stylish Streetcat Stalks Us

It’s hard to spot this sleek Lowland Yard Leopard due to its stunning camouflage! It wanders dangerously close before settling back behind a palm, waiting for any sign of weakness.

A Fascinating Chain Of Events

Old-timey archive footage shows a frolicking Fairy Lark disembarking its carriage to selfishly move the Kingdom’s bins, to aid its inept chauffeur. It then prances into a darkened corner to defile the driveway, only to be thwarted by a cleansing light! In a final twist, the gleaming clown carriage is ticketed the next morning for Dumbness.

Lanky Lemur Looks to Leak, Leaves

This bright-eyed juvenile Beach Monkey seeks to mark his territory before being reminded that this is not his territory.

Rampaging Road Roach

The peaceful quiet of the Hollywood night is shattered when a drunken Hooch Beetle snaps off its right fore-wing, as it stumbles into its Podhole after a hearty night of imbibing fermented fruit nectar! Will the appendage be salvageable after the silly bug makes three attempts to settle in?

Lady Litterbird

This Needle-Nosed Office Crow, nibbling on some carrion in the scorching summer sun, thoughtfully – if unexpectedly – gifts us a big bag of rocks! Handy!

A Driveway Sleepover

This Red-Toed Loafer finds the perfect spot to make a nest, and it wastes no time settling in, adorning its roost with colorful decorations and trinkets!

Meandering Mailbeast Mishandles Mailhatch

This towering Postal Sloth heroically manages to lower the door of the Kingdom’s mail vault to deliver important dispatches from afar. But closing that hatch is always just too much for the silly behemoth! Maybe tomorrow, brave messenger!

Repugnant Reptile Relocates its Rubbish

This odious Longhaired Smarm Lizard’s waste bags are too toxic to tote all the way around his haughty habitat to the refuse pit, so he dumps his detritus in the Kingdom’s newly-emptied bin. But somehow this reptile’s rubble makes its way back to the door of his den, surprising him very much indeed!

Shimmering Shitbird Shooed

This plump Crimson Hood Pigeon seems uncomfortable in its colorful new winter plumage, as it prepares to anoint the Kingdom’s grounds with its acrid spray. But after a human observer scolds it for its bad behavior, it loudly squawks its displeasure and retreats!

Sow Soils the Strip

This pampered Inland Mall Pig is all done with that pesky boutique shopping bag, so she dumps it on the Kingdom’s pristine lawns! But somehow it finds its way onto her windshield the next day, seemingly reminding her: “Hey, I’m trash too!”

Western Wandering Wineguzzler

This wobbly Urban Gutter Stork seeks refuge in the Compound’s shaded Hedgerows. But a scolding human startles the poor creature, sending it on its way!

Suspect Sanitation Situation

In this clip from the Deep Archives we see the LA Sanitation Department’s heroic commitment to Recycling on display. This Green Garbage Grabber is ensuring your carefully-sorted recyclables are effectively handled and efficiently converted back into usable products! Go Earth!

Porch Predator Pretends

Archive footage reveals a dangerous encounter with a Dreaded Crime Chameleon. It feigns desperation to garner sympathy, but then its shifty eyes detect the camera and it quickly flees!

Blueberry Burglar

Don’t let the casual demeanor of this Blue Hooded Stealer fool you, he’s up to no good! He gives the Side Hatch some serious Side Eye, searching for a way into the Fortress.

Streetcreep Seeks Stash Spot

A satiated Coastal Methhound looks for a place to bury the remaining spoils from the morning’s successful hunt. This cement wall and bamboo overgrowth just might work!

Bug-Eyed Beast Blends In

A shifty California Crack Rat brazenly seeks cover within the Kingdom’s walls from some grimy threat in the Hollywood night. Its bulging eyes scan the outer gate for enemies until a human with a rat deterrent scares the vermin away.

Creeping Critter

This slow-moving Prying Mantis carefully scans the Kingdom’s perimeter walls, methodically probing for any weakness. Luckily it is distracted by the shiny glass and metal beasts lined up ahead, one of which will surely be an easier kill!

Sneaky Snooper Snubbed

A Black Braided Sneaker transits the Compound’s formidable defenses, sneakily searching for something. When it is scolded for its sneakiness it makes up sneaky stories but then apologizes for its transgressions and sneaks off.

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